Work Order Management with Maximo on RealWear

Work order management (WOM) is the process of scheduling and completing maintenance work orders in a systematic manner in order to prolong asset lifetime and minimize downtime. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) or enterprise asset maintenance (EAM) systems automate these processes and streamline work order management from beginning to end.

One of the most widely used of these systems is IBM® Maximo.

Work Order Management on IBM® Maximo

Work order management is an important part of any industrial business, as the timely and accurate maintenance of assets is essential to ensure production is not interrupted. IBM® Maximo provides the software to digitize the whole maintenance and work order completion process.

This allows maintenance technicians to:

  • Access maintenance records online,
  • Digitally save work order data such as photos and comments,
  • Log labor hours, and
  • Follow set workflows that ensure all data is captured.

Maximo is typically used to better coordinate and automate work order scheduling, while also improving the overall visibility of the enterprise asset management process.

Conducting Work Order Management on RealWear Devices

RealWear head-mounted tablets such as the HMT-1 and the Navigator™ 500 are purpose-built to assist technicians in the industrial space to access software systems hands-free. RealWear devices clip into hardhats and allow maintenance technicians to view and interact with digital information on a micro-display. Advanced noise cancellation allows technicians to input data and navigate apps through voice, even in noisy industrial environments.

A technician using a RealWear device (Image Source: RealWear)

There are many benefits to using RealWear devices for conducting Maximo work order management versus simply doing so on a mobile phone or tablet:

1. Hands-free Maximo access empowers maintenance technicians to execute work orders more safely and more efficiently

RealWear devices allow users to enter data and navigate an application using voice commands. This means technicians have their hands free, without the need to focus on a tablet or phone. Showing asset locations on the micro display makes it easy for maintenance technicians to know where to go and know what to do.

2. Closing the Data Gap: More accurate and complete Maximo records

By enabling technicians to record actuals at the site of the asset, Maximo data entry oversights can be decreased. Maintenance workers often have to leave the job site to log Maximo data (for example, on a shared computer) and this can lead to mistakes or technicians neglecting to enter data. Using Maximo on RealWear closes the Data Gap by giving technicians both access to Maximo data and the ability to update Maximo records hands-free at the job location.

3. Enable more efficient team collaboration

With integrated remote support built-in, technicians can contact experts to get immediate support with maintenance issues. RealWear devices have a built-in camera that enables “see-what-I-see” video calls: users can share their real-time view with remote experts and support teams. This allows remote teams to walk technicians through resolution steps while observing what the technician is seeing. This greatly reduces the time it takes to complete a work order if an issue arises, saving time and money.

Integrated remote support with JourneyApps, Maximo, and RealWear.

Extending Maximo Work Order Management to RealWear

The RealWear® Maximo® Template App by JourneyApps enables on-site, voice-driven interactions with Maximo® work orders. By using the template app technicians can view assigned work orders, search work orders, view work order details, track work order execution, and log new service requests on Maximo, all on their RealWear device. The app comes with default integrations set up out-of-the-box and is customizable to fit custom Maximo® implementations.

Note: The RealWear Maximo Template App has been built by JourneyApps and can be customized per Maximo implementation. It is not affiliated with or part of IBM® Maximo’s product suite.


WOM is an important aspect of any industrial company. One of the most cost-effective, efficient, and safest ways to conduct maintenance and complete work orders is by using IBM Maximo on RealWear devices, with the extension being enabled by the JourneyApps RealWear® Maximo® Template App.

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