We do things a little differently

We don’t bill hours and there is no upfront development or implementation costs. We set out to build long-term relationships with our customers and have a simple and flexible billing model.

For a low subscription fee, our Solution Delivery team will build your app for you, and will continue to update your app and provide support for the duration of our relationship. There are no hidden costs. Our solutions make things simple — low support, easy to implement, easy to maintain and easy to change.

Our 90 day cancellation period means you don’t have to commit to a solution that is no longer valuable to you. This removes all the risk that is usually associated with building mobile apps.

We want to ensure that your app is a success and that we are always providing real value.

Please contact hello@journeyapps.com if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us to schedule a call and we’ll have a conversation with you about your mobility needs. If JourneyApps can solve your problem, we’ll put forward a plan for how we’ll build and implement your JourneyApps solution. If not, we won’t waste your time or our time in trying to build a solution that doesn’t provide real value.

We charge a subscription amount for the design of your JourneyApps solution, its development, continuous updates, comprehensive support and everything else needed to make sure that your solution always works.

No. There are no setup fees.

There are no additional fees. We don’t surprise customers with sporadic professional services fees or customization costs. Everything is included in the subscription fee.

The initial term is 12 months.

We do not have cancellation fees.

You retain full ownership of the intellectual property of any apps built on JourneyApps (i.e. code for the customization layer on top of the core JourneyApps platform), as well as full ownership of any data captured or stored in JourneyApps. JourneyApps assures confidentiality of your intellectual property and data.

Our Standard Support Plan, which is included as standard in all contracts, guarantees 99% uptime and a response within one business day. You can also upgrade to a Premium Support Plan, which guarantees 99.9% uptime, extremely fast response times, telephone support, and real-time integration monitoring.

We take the security of your apps and data very seriously. Our servers are hosted in world class data centers (available in multiple regions), and we ensure that our infrastructure is always up to date with the latest security patches. All communication uses TLS encryption to keep your data safe. Read more about the world-class security measures that you will benefit from by default when using the JourneyApps Platform here.

Our flexible contract gives you a 90-day cancellation option. Three months allows us to demonstrate the value of the solution. If you decide the solution is no longer valuable to you, you can simply notify us that you wish to cancel.