Join us in creating the world’s #1 solution for business process apps.

Over the next few years, enterprise mobile solutions will infiltrate all businesses globally, turning into a $100 billion market opportunity. JourneyApps is uniquely positioned to be a world leader in capturing this opportunity:

  • We have a technology platform with unique attributes that makes it perfect for rapidly building and running business process apps, which we believe will form a huge part of the emerging $100 billion enterprise mobile app market
  • We have a unique go-to-market model which sets us apart from competitors and resonates really well with customers because it gives them all the benefits of off-the-shelf SaaS combined with all the benefits of rapid bespoke app development and delivery


JourneyApps started in Cape Town, South Africa, and has since scaled rapidly, transforming itself into a Silicon Valley company with global customers making use of the JourneyApps Platform on six continents.

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Senior & Junior Full-Stack Developers


We’re looking for competent full-stack developers to join our team building the JourneyApps Platform. Candidates applying for these positions can be more focused on backend & infrastructure, but should have some experience in frontend development. All of the developers on our team are comfortable with learning new technologies, and tackling challenging and interesting technical problems (such as efficient two-way synchronization of large datasets between mobile devices and the cloud). We pride ourselves on having a small team of world-class developers, so a successful candidate can look forward to learning from the best.

Our technology stack consists of Rails on the backend running on Phusion Passenger (load-balanced application servers using HAProxy) on Linux, connecting to a cluster of MongoDB replica sets, mostly hosted on AWS (using a plethora of AWS services). Our mobile runtimes are hybrid apps built on Ionic. Our web frontends are written in AngularJS (our App Editor also uses CodeMirror and its version control is built on top of Git).

Solution Delivery Engineer


We’re looking for an intelligent, dynamic, and hard-working engineer to join our Solutions Team. The role involves working with a team of Solutions Engineers to deliver fast-paced mobility solutions to our enterprise clients. At JourneyApps, Solutions Engineers are focussed on creating business value for our clients and are involved through the whole development process from design, through testing and rollout.

The ideal Solutions Engineer is driven to overcome challenges, communicates clearly to teammates, is diligent and persistent when delivering on commitments, and doesn’t allow themselves to be distracted from the most important tasks at hand. Training in software development and a good understanding of data and process modelling is essential. In order to build apps on the JourneyApps technology stack, experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS would be beneficial – with some Ruby skills being a plus.

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Working at JourneyApps

We’re focused on allowing curious people to help us solve complex problems, and to constantly learn and grow. With dynamic office space, flexible work hours, and catered lunches, we strive to facilitate personal interaction that reinforces our company-wide learning culture. We encourage experimentation, love sharing ideas and welcome critical thought. At the end of the day we’re a bunch of friendly people, inspired to change the way the world engages with technology. Meet our full team.