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JourneyApps drastically simplifies custom digitization and automation of unique business processes for industrial companies to achieve operational agility.

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JourneyApps puts you in the driver’s seat of a powerful product-service hybrid that the world’s largest industrial companies use to emerge as digital leaders.

Here’s how it works:


Get a custom app that automates one of your business processes before the end of the week.


Go from prototype to achieving a business outcome by letting our expert engineers rapidly evolve your app.


Empower your organization to achieve emergent digital transformation by rapidly creating an ecosystem of apps.

Here's how our customers achieved real digital transformation results, fast:


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“We can give you information in various formats: pictures, stories, flowcharts, and you have the flexibility to just turn that into an app.”

Jodi Johnson Director: Service Management Office Emerson Automation Solutions
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Achieve Business Outcomes by Adapting Rapidly as you Learn

“JourneyApps gets the problem that you’re trying to solve and can be your partner in crafting a solution.”

Laura Jacobs President GE Healthcare Camden Group
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Enable Emergent Digital Transformation

"In the way that Aviat has done emergent digital transformation, we’ve taken small — but critical — bites in the form of digitizing components of our business, instead of saying 'I want a system that does everything'. Those small, critical bites are eventually tied together to cover the full spectrum of our Services business end-to-end."

Pat Davis Vice President, Global Services Aviat Networks
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