Build More Powerful Apps
Without Growing Headcount

The JourneyApps platform is an all-in-one cloud-based app platform that gives you everything you need to build, deploy and run powerful industrial-grade business apps that work responsively across wearables, mobile, desktop and the web.

It's a full-stack platform covering the full spectrum of your app stack: An unrivalled web IDE (OXIDE), an app runtime, and a built-in cloud backend with a serverless computing engine.

The platform features industrial-grade capabilities, such as voice-driven capabilities for RealWear, PowerSync for full offline operation of apps, and a smart hardware integration engine.

JourneyApps Powers
Sophisticated Industrial-Grade Apps

Companies use JourneyApps to digitize and automate demanding work processes
that involve complex data and business logic, which often needs to be performed
offline — such as site assessments, job reporting, repair reports & more.

Where generic low-code platforms fall short,
JourneyApps does the heavy lifting with ease.

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What Makes
JourneyApps Unique?

Unique Features That Propel
Industrial-Grade Business Apps


Keep Users Fully Productive,
Online or Offline

Need to move large amounts of relational data between the field and the cloud — like data about jobs, their inventory, equipment, personnel, and documents? Exasperated by the lacking offline capabilities in generic low-code platforms? Consider it solved.

  • Your apps automatically sync relational data bi-directionally with zero configuration, with a universal dynamic data model.
  • Intelligently partition data — only sync what’s needed to each user.
  • Data is encrypted on all devices. The system is SOC 2 approved & GDPR/CCPA compliant.
  • Automatically handles degraded connectivity with no user impact.
  • Bandwidth-efficient and ultra-scalable, with configurable conflict resolution & continuous data integrity assurance.

PowerSync is also available as a standalone product.


Peer-to-Peer Data Sync Conquered.

The PhotonSync feature in JourneyApps allows data transfer between user devices without the need for any kind of connectivity — whether cellular, WiFi/LAN or Bluetooth.

  • Useful for shift handovers between crews in areas with literally no connectivity.
  • Works across different operating systems — iOS, Android, Windows, etc. It's like a cross-platform AirDrop.
  • Fast and highly fault-tolerant. Transfer thousands of data records in a few seconds.

Hardware Integration:

All The Smart Hardware Integrations You Need.

Industrial apps need hardware integrations — and we've got you covered. JourneyApps comes with built-in with support for a variety of smart hardware, including:

  • Reading and writing of RFID and NFC tags (for asset management and inventory management use cases)
  • Ingesting readings from Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.
  • Working with laser barcode scanners
  • Working with data streams over TCP sockets
  • Printing documents to portable thermal printers.

IIoT Integration:

Supercharge Your IIoT Deployment.

Connect your IIoT system to your field apps with JourneyApps — creating a closed digital control loop on your smart assets.

  • Ingest MQTT data in the field on user devices.
  • Embed streaming Microsoft Power BI dashboards into apps.
  • In response to IIoT events, instantly trigger workflows and actions in apps.

RealWear Wearable Optimized

Perfect for Industrial Frontline Workers.

Many industrial workers conduct work in tough and dangerous environments — and therefore, any tool that can improve their safety and reduce the amount of time they have to spend on-site is welcomed. That is why JourneyApps partnered with RealWear and optimized our platform to make it easy to create RealWear voice-controlled hands-free apps.

Learn More About JourneyApps & RealWear

Low-Code? Pro-Code?
Enter Rapid-Code: The Best of Both Worlds.

The JourneyApps Rapid-Code paradigm combines the speed & efficiency of low-code tools with the flexibility & power of traditional professional development ("pro-code") into a single platform, while taking an uncompromising stance on providing an incredible developer experience.

  • Code is a first-class citizen in JourneyApps, complemented by visual tools. And it's all based on open technologies — including JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js. All made possible by OXIDE.
  • OXIDE delivers unrivaled productivity for software developers of all experience levels, after only a few days of learning the platform.
  • Collaborate in real-time with built-in live co-editing (U.S. patented).
  • Start fast, and scale the scope and sophistication of your apps with no slowdown in development velocity.
  • Manage app codebases easily with built-in GitHub integration.
Learn More Explore OXIDE

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Light Lift, Heavyweight Results
In A Single Platform

Reduce Costs With Write Once, Deploy Anywhere Apps

Mobile, Desktop & Web Apps

JourneyApps is one of the only platforms where you can create an app once, and it’s automatically responsive across all form factors and devices — no modification needed.

  • Run apps as true custom-branded mobile apps on Android & iOS, native desktop apps on Windows, and web apps in the browser. Includes support for RealWear (Android).
  • Users have a high-quality, intuitive, consistent user experience by default across any device.

Achieve Business Outcomes With Rich UI Components & Front-End App Capabilities

Automatically run your applications as true custom-branded mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows with high quality, intuitive and consistent user experience by default across all apps.

  • Comprehensive set of UI components that provide broad coverage for enterprise app needs.
  • Support for voice-controlled apps on RealWear wearable devices.
  • The most powerful and high-performance Excel-like UI tables / data-grids on the market – supporting tens of thousands of rows, filtering, copy & paste, keyboard shortcuts, frozen columns, and more. And all of it works fully cross-platform!
  • Built-in support for language translations and push notifications.
  • Reliable hardware support — NFC, RFID, Bluetooth SPP & BLE devices, laser barcode scanners and thermal printers.

Reduce Overheads With A Built-in Cloud Backend

Database, SSO Integration & DevOps

  • Highly scalable integrated backend that provides cloud data storage for relational data and file assets.
  • Built-in single sign-on (SSO) integration with support for WS-Fed, SAML and OAuth2 protocols.
  • Multi-stage deployment with separate Testing, Staging and Production environments (and custom stages too).
  • High-velocity DevOps: Deploy apps with a single click, no schema migrations, automatic cloud scaling, over-the-air updates to users, and proactive performance alerting.

Benefit From Our Powerful Data Architecture With Universal Dynamic Data Models

  • Define a Universal Data Model for each app, which automatically creates on-device and cloud databases and APIs. Full support for relational data.
  • Offline data sync works automatically with zero configuration, based on the Universal Data Model for each app.
  • Built-in visual data browser to manage data in cloud.
  • Comprehensive audit trails of all data events in the platform (across all user devices, cloud, APIs, etc) are automatically recorded.
  • Make changes to the Universal Data Model in one place — and the updates take effect globally, on-the-fly.

CloudCode Serverless Engine: The Most Efficient Way to Build Any Backend Functionality

Meet the Swiss Army Knife of building backend functionality: The CloudCode component of the platform, built on Node.js.

  • “Any-to-any” custom integration by simply writing JavaScript or TypeScript serverless tasks. Direct access to your cloud data: No infrastructure to manage, and highly secure.
  • Easily consume any external web services, and expose your own custom web service APIs from JourneyApps.
  • Generate reports dynamically — PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Powerful workflow engine for fully custom multi-person long-running workflows (e.g. approvals and escalations)
  • There's no limit for what you can create with CloudCode: It's a full Node.js environment and you can include any NPM packages in your tasks.

Industrial-Grade Security,
Integrations & Cloud Infrastructure

Secure by Design: World-Class SOC 2
Approved Security

JourneyApps is designed with industrial-grade security at its core. Every app built on JourneyApps automatically maintains the same high security standards — and we continually invest in our security to stay ahead of the curve. Learn More.

  • Every app automatically inherits the sophisticated security features built-in to the platform: Encryption of data in all states, source code encryption, extensive audit trails, SSO integration, GDPR compliance tools, and more.
  • The platform is SOC 2 Type 2 audited, has regular penetration tests performed by NCC Group, and is CSA STAR ready.

Serverless Integration
With Anything, Plus
REST & SQL for Even More
Integration Power

  • “Any-to-any” custom integration by simply writing JavaScript or TypeScript serverless tasks. Direct access to your cloud data: No infrastructure to manage, and highly secure.
  • Based on the Universal Data Model for each app, a fully-featured secure REST API is automatically exposed for each app, as well as configurable Webhooks, and a full Oplog for all data events for each app.
  • The SQL Data Pipeline feature creates a MSSQL interface to your data — allowing you to easily work with tools that require SQL access (e.g. enterprise BI)

Cloud-Native Infrastructure Instant Deployment
& Infinite Scalability

  • Deploy apps with a single click to multi-stage deployment environments.
  • Automatic horizontal scaling of cloud infrastructure to support any number of users, any volume of data, and any level of concurrent activity.
  • Multiple availability zones, selectable per app: US, EU, Asia Pacific (utilizing AWS and Azure under the hood).
  • The entire platform, including all the cloud infrastructure, is priced with a simple, all-inclusive subscription fee. Learn More.
  • Available 99.95% Enterprise uptime SLA and support.


JourneyApps Accelerates IT & Business
Towards Critical Objectives:

Conquer the App Backlog

Get ahead of the ever-growing backlog of apps requested by stakeholders across your organization.

Modernize Legacy Systems

Rapidly replace legacy apps with future- proof, agile cloud apps — consolidating tech stacks & expenses.

Deliver on Urgent Needs

Ship complete apps in a matter of weeks to meet urgent business needs.

Roll Out Strategic Technologies

Quickly roll out apps that support new strategic technology initiatives such as IIoT, BLE and/or NFC/RFID.

Support Customer Initiatives

Quickly roll out apps that enable strategic new digital-enabled customer programs that need to be launched.

Accelerate Digital Innovation

Get ahead with rolling out new digital initiatives to put your organization at the forefront of innovation.

Increase Operational Agility

The Rapid-Code paradigm of JourneyApps gives you unrivaled fungibility — evolve apps quickly as business needs change.

Rapidly Prototype & Deploy

Need to show what a new app could look like? Prototype a real app in hours, then put it into production in days or weeks.

Use Existing Talent, No Lock-In

Using open technologies, quickly turn your existing developers of all experience levels into super-powered developers.

How To Get Started With JourneyApps