What is Rapid-Code?
Ultra-Fast App Development
For Software Developers.

Building apps with low-code/no-code quickly becomes unwieldy and slow
when app complexity increases. Pro-code is often too slow and expensive.
That’s why we created an entirely new breed of app development platform:
Rapid-Code: Ultra high-productivity, yet code-centric.

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Rapid-Code: The Best of Both Worlds

JourneyApps Rapid-Code offers a groundbreaking new paradigm of app development: The high-productivity benefits of a low-code platform, with the full power and flexibility of code as a first-class citizen. Small teams of software engineers are supercharged by JourneyApps to conquer the app backlog.

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A Complete Enterprise App Platform

Use It All, or Use
Only What You Need.

JourneyApps puts a complete full-stack platform at your fingertips which you can start using in minutes. The platform has everything you need to build, deploy and run incredibly powerful business apps.

From A to Z, the platform has you covered: All the way from our OXIDE web IDE, to our integrated cloud backend, CloudCode serverless engine, PowerSync offline data sync, comprehensive set of enterprise-grade UI components, and much more.

Want to leverage some of your existing pieces of infrastructure? No problem! The platform has a modular architecture, so pick and choose the components you need.

Dramatically reduce risk in your custom software development.

The platform increases the output of a single developer to that of a team of full-stack developers.

Secure, Scalable, Integrates With Everything

The JourneyApps platform is an enterprise-grade stack that readily supports your mission-critical business apps:

  • SOC 2 approved security with encryption of data in all states, source code encryption, extensive audit trails, SSO integration, GDPR/CCPA compliance tools, data ACLs, and more.
  • “Any-to-any” custom integration by simply writing secure JavaScript or TypeScript serverless tasks — plus, a comprehensive REST API system and SQL data access.
  • Turnkey cloud-native infrastructure with one-click deployment and infinite scalability.
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Whether you need to conquer your app backlog or modernize legacy apps,
JourneyApps dramatically reduces risk in your software development: Not only
will you start fast — you will stay fast even as you build more and more
sophisticated and ambitious apps — through the power of rapid-code.

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