What's New in JourneyApps: December 2020

As we near the end of the year, I am delighted to share some of the new features that we have shipped since our last update.

Connect to Networked Systems & Devices via TCP: Build Powerful Edge Apps to Bridge the IT/OT Divide


We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the ability for developers to open TCP socket connections to external systems directly from their app. This allows the app to send commands to external devices (such as printers or other hardware) from within the app, and/or for the app to receive streaming data from TCP-compatible devices such as smart sensors. This is especially beneficial for our industrial customers that make use of IIoT systems using protocols such as Modbus/TCP — allowing them to build really powerful industrial edge apps.

These TCP socket connections, just like all JourneyApps applications, will work on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Fine-Grained Developer Permissions


To provide customers with more control over their team’s activities, we’ve added the ability to specify fine-grained permissions for developers across all resources of the platform.

Examples of what’s possible:

  • Allow specific users access to some apps only.
  • Allow specific users to edit an app, but not deploy it (or the reverse)
  • Grant read-only access to an app’s code and/or data for review purposes

With this new level of control, customers using our Enterprise plan can ensure that users have access to only what they need to perform their job.

Please contact us if you are interested in using fine-grained developer permissions.

OXIDE: New Diagnostics Panel


We all know that bugs become more expensive to fix the later they are found. That’s why we’ve introduced the diagnostics panel in OXIDE — to help developers catch bugs at implementation time instead of during runtime.

The OXIDE diagnostics panel lists all warnings and errors for your app in one place. It also shows messages for unused variables, type mismatches, and more, to help you write more stable code. You can quickly jump to the relevant code from the panel to improve your app.

Use these icons to toggle issues, bugs, or info only. image

Pro-tip: Alt/option-click on the “Views” root to expand/collapse all issues. image

That’s it for now, look out for our end of year review that we will be sending out soon.

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