Custom app development means

slow and expensive

fast and affordable

spiralling costs

a fixed subscription fee

months to get it stable

a robust app right off the bat

high risk of failure

guaranteed success

my organization needs to adapt

it’ll fit like a glove

a 12-24 month wait

a working solution in 5 weeks

months to write up specifications

a prototype after a 2-hour workshop

hiring a team of developers

leveraging our experienced team

We've combined product and service elements to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Welcome to the world's first true product-
service hybrid for enterprise mobile apps.

Delivering hundreds of custom enterprise mobile apps has taught us that great technology or a great team alone doesn't guarantee success of app implementations. Instead, it's combining team and technology in a very smart way that makes all the difference.

The JourneyApps Product-Service Hybrid


Custom. Robust. Fast.
Pick any 3.

We equip our Solutions Team with the JourneyApps Platform: specifically designed to deliver custom, enterprise-ready apps that are incredibly robust, in record time.

8 years of R&D and a track record of powering hundreds of complex apps on a daily basis means that our engineers build on the best technology available.

Solutions Team

A Responsive Team of Experts

With as little as a 2-hour workshop and one hour weekly review, our team of expert Solutions Engineers work directly with your business users to deliver a solution that fits your operational needs like a glove. Made possible by the JourneyApps Platform.

Continuous Success

Continuous Enhancements. Forever.

Your business processes are always evolving. Now your apps can too. Unlike any service you’ve used before, the JourneyApps Subscription Service includes continuous improvements to your app, for as long as you’re subscribed. You’re welcome.

Subscription Service

Predictable and Low-Risk

The JourneyApps Subscription Service removes risk and uncertainty from custom app development. No hidden costs. Flexible opt-out. No upfront capital expenditure.

No compromise required.
Your solution is enterprise-ready.

Express Integration

Connecting applications and systems shouldn’t require an army of developers — now it doesn’t.

Enterprise-Grade Security

The JourneyApps Platform comes with built-in world-class security measures and is regularly subjected to rigorous vulnerability assessments.

Single Sign-On

JourneyApps integrates with your existing single sign-on infrastructure, allowing your users to authenticate securely with ease.

Learn how JourneyApps became Emerson’s partner for custom mobile apps

“JourneyApps acted as subject matter experts when it came to the development of apps, and guided us in the right direction, drawing on their knowledge and experience from building solutions for many other customers.”

Tony Norris, VP Lifecycle Services

Emerson Automation Solutions

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