JourneyApps radically simplifies the creation of App-Driven Business Processes.

Digital Transformation: Aspiration Is Easy, But Execution Is Hard.

Your company needs to transform its business processes to better serve customers and outwit fierce competitors. But digital transformation typically requires millions of dollars, years of time, an organization-wide effort involving hundreds of people, and demands IT bandwidth that’s simply not available.

The worst part is it often results in failure and stale business systems, incapable of adapting.

JourneyApps: Digital Transformation Simplified and De-Risked

By combining the JourneyApps Platform and our unique subscription solution-as-a-service, JourneyApps de-risks the implementation, operation and continuous evolution of custom apps that digitize and automate your business processes, enabling your organization to achieve operational agility.

Here's how it works:

Phase 1Prototype

Get Started in 24 Hours

Never-ending requirements gathering and process discoveries should have been left behind in the 20th century. JourneyApps Rapid Functional Prototyping empowers you to see a real, working prototype of an automated business process before the end of the week. The best part is that we’ll do the thinking! All that we need are examples of your current forms, documents or system and we’ll do the rest.

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Phase 2Adapt

Achieve your Business Outcomes By Adapting Rapidly as you Learn

The JourneyApps Continuous Success Process puts you, the business person, in the driver’s seat. Log feedback in your own words and track how that feedback is rapidly translated into an update and released into the solution for you to test, and roll out to your users. Our expert engineers will ensure that any changes drive the business outcome that you need.

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Phase 3Scale

Enable Emergent Digital Transformation

The JourneyApps Digital Transformation Platform instantly creates internal capability to drive digital transformation – centered around the people that know their business processes best. As solutions are deployed and evolved at each area of your organization – and integrated with one another as well as other systems – digital transformation spreads organically through your organization.

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