Solutions Engineering Team Lead

Denver, Colorado, USA

The Solutions Engineering Team Lead position at JourneyApps is a player-coach role — you will lead and assist a team of 2-3 software engineers to develop custom software applications using the JourneyApps Platform for our large industrial customers; you can also expect to perform some software development yourself. Solutions Engineering Team Leads are responsible for the full implementation lifecycle of a software solution, from design through development, testing and support.

You will work alongside a Project Manager who will be responsible for customer communication and project coordination on most major projects, while you coordinate and manage the development tasks of your team of engineers. You will be expected to manage some smaller projects yourself, communicating directly with customers.

Building apps using the JourneyApps Platform involves writing business logic in JavaScript, implementing extensible data models, and building server-side integrations and data processing tasks using cloud functions and NodeJS. We rely on our Solution Engineers to push the boundaries of what is possible and to identify features and patterns that would add further value to our customers.

  • Manage a small development team, including holding weekly 1-on-1 meetings with each team member to coach, train and mentor them and ensure their personal, professional and technical advancement. Your team will include engineers based in the same office in Denver and may also include one or more remote engineers.
  • Run team meetings including weekly planning, daily stand-ups, etc.
  • Assist the team in architecting software solutions, including data modeling and screen design.
  • Create lightweight engineering estimates for development tasks.
  • On each project, delegate and manage work tasks with Solutions Engineers, ensuring that all development tasks are completed on time to ensure timely completion of each project. Also perform some development tasks yourself alongside your team.
  • Perform code reviews and ensure that the team follows best practices on each project.
  • Coordinate deploy tasks to ensure that deployments of new versions of software solutions to customers are successfully completed.
  • Prior to project commencement: For additions to existing applications, conduct workshops and write scopes of work. For new applications, review scopes of work written by the Forward Deployed Engineers in the Business Development team.
  • Manage customer relationships and communication for smaller projects you own, where a Project Manager is not involved.
  • Participate in the support rotation for supporting existing customer solutions, and assist your team of engineers if they require help with challenging support tickets.
Skills and Requirements
  • Experience managing a small software development team for at least 2 years.
  • Experience working with an agile software development approach.
  • Proven ability to lead software development by team members towards successful project completion.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills and experience establishing guidelines in these areas for others.
  • Strong sense of personal accountability regarding decision-making and supervising teams.
  • Experience working in a highly collaborative environment and promoting excellent teamwork.
  • Strong attention to detail and follow-through skills.
  • Excellent proactive written and verbal communication skills in English.
Expected Commencement Date

As soon as possible.

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