Solutions Engineer

Denver, Colorado, USA

Our dynamic Solutions Engineering teams take up the daily challenge of creating production apps tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Solutions Engineers take responsibility (along with their team) of the full implementation life cycle of a solution, from design through development, down to testing and support.

Our Solutions Engineers are strongly focused on delivering core value early, aiming to have a usable solution ready within 4 to 8 weeks. We then keep evolving the solution in partnership with our clients.

As a team member you'll be developing software using our rapidly iterating platform - where new features are added at an incredible pace. This includes writing business logic in JavaScript, implementing extensible data models and building server side integrations and data processing tasks using cloud functions and NodeJS. We rely on our Solution Engineers to push the boundaries of what is possible and to identify features and patterns that would add further value to our clients.

Our Engineering Processes

We score 11/12 on the Joel Test.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process consists of four steps to determine whether you are a good fit for JourneyApps, and whether we are a good fit for you:

  1. We do a 20-minute phone screening to validate what you're looking for matches what we need.
  2. We then do a 60-minute phone interview discussing non-domain specific topics where we test your macro-skills covering topics such as system design, approaches to debugging, etc.
  3. Then there is a take-home micro-skills coding challenge whereby you need to build a very basic app on the JourneyApps Platform (typically does not take candidates more than 3 days if they have JavaScript experience).
  4. Finally, you join us in our Denver offices for an in-person interview with your prospective team leader, so that you can meet the team that you'll be working with on a daily basis.

A minimum of 2 years prior work experience is required, with experience in a technical industry a bonus.

Expected Commencement Date

As soon as possible.

Are you excited about this opportunity?

To apply, send us your resumé and a description of why you think you’d be a great addition to our team.

Tell us about your digital transformation needs

We'll set up a brief call to understand your needs and explore how JourneyApps can help you