Full-Stack Engineer

South Africa (Remote)

JourneyApps is looking for a full-stack web-technology developer to join our small but very agile engineering team to work on our main product offering. JourneyApps offers a robust and extensive application development platform (as a service) built on-top of a highly modular codebase of cutting-edge web technologies. As a remote-first and agile platform developer, you should be well-versed and have experience in:

  • Project references
  • Build tools
  • Advanced types and generics
  • The Node.js ecosystem
  • Both OOP and functional programming concepts
MongoDB (our primary storage system)
  • Running and maintaining database servers
  • Database design
UI and UX
  • React (functional and classes)
  • Styled components
  • Layout systems and principles in the browser (Flexbox, etc.)
  • Cross-platform web development
  • Routing
  • Sessions and data persistence
CLI Tools
  • Git (and various git workflows)
  • yarn, pnpm, npm (and web-based package managers)
  • Webpack
Deploying and running software
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jest / Node testing frameworks
  • Redis
  • express
  • JSON schema / AJV
  • API design
Preferred but not required:
  • SQL
  • Knowledge on authentication and access
    • OAuth
    • JSON web tokens
  • Cloud provider experience (preferably AWS and Azure)
  • Kafka
  • Microservice principles
  • Knowledge on design systems and design principles, with a focus on desktop and mobile user experiences
  • Ruby, and Rails
    • Mongoid

Team and work environment:

  • Fully remote-first team
    • Engineers in SA (Cape Town)
    • Engineers in US (Denver, Colorado)
    • Engineers in UK (London)
  • Office in Techno Park, Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Office in Denver, CO, USA
  • Flexible working hours
  • Output-driven: We favour people and output over process
  • Iterative-based approach to software development: ship and learn quickly
  • In-person company events during the year (meetups, lunch, activities)
  • Most engineers work on Mac or Linux

How to apply

Please email platform-careers@journeyapps.com with your resume and cover message.