Backend Engineer

South Africa, US or UK (Remote)

JourneyApps is looking for a software engineer to join our agile and cutting-edge engineering team. The JourneyApps platform is built on-top of a highly scalable, highly available micro-service architecture, and we are looking for engineers that have skills in these areas and with these concepts. The candidate should have experience deploying and managing modern tech stacks and be comfortable working in a highly versatile Agile-based team.

A big part of working at JourneyApps involves owning projects, championing the adoption and integration of new technologies, and being flexible and adaptable as the product evolves.

Technologies and skills required

For this position, candidates need not have experience in all technologies that we use, but have the drive and motivation to upskill and continuously learn and improve in these areas.

  • About 80% of the JourneyApps stack is Node.js based
  • Advanced build systems, project references, generics
  • Used mostly in legacy services, but still widely used in production
  • Mongoid, Resque
Kubernetes and Docker
  • Federated and shared environments
  • Self healing
  • Hundreds of different micro services
  • Request tracing
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Powers 80% of the stack
  • Event driven systems
  • Highly modular code-base
  • Everything testable
  • Testing, staging and production environments
  • Monitoring & Atlas
  • Replication, oplog, audits, caching
  • Transactions
  • Performance tuning
Cloud computing - AWS & Azure
  • Networking policies, security groups, routing
  • Cloud compute (VMs, Lambda, ECS)
  • IAM security
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Terraform, Pulumi, etc.
  • VPC, security groups, isolation
  • SSL
Distributed systems
  • Streaming, back pressure
  • Distributed data sets, isolation of data, isolation of concerns
  • Inter-service communication

Team and work environment

  • Fully remote-first team
    • Engineers in SA (Cape Town)
    • Engineers in US (Denver, Colorado)
    • Engineers in UK (London)
  • Office in Techno Park, Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Office in Denver, CO, USA
  • Flexible working hours
  • Output-driven: We favour people and output over process
  • Iterative-based approach to software development: ship and learn quickly
  • In-person company events during the year (meetups, lunch, activities)
  • Most engineers work on Mac or Linux

How to apply

Please email with your resume and cover message.