Rapidly Create Hands-Free
Voice-Controlled RealWear® Apps

JourneyApps is a software platform that makes it simple to build powerful
voice-driven workflow apps for RealWear that integrate with existing ERP systems.
Improve the productivity and safety of your frontline workers by freeing their hands.

Supercharge Your RealWear® ROI

Leading companies are using JourneyApps to create hands-free RealWear® workflow apps
for the frontline workforce, such as inspections, condition assessments, operator rounds,
asset & work order management, SOPs, manufacturing, training and more.

Hands-free workflow improves task productivity by as much as 60%.

Here's What Makes JourneyApps for RealWear Unique:

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Apps Automatically Look and
Work Great on RealWear

JourneyApps provides a rich voice-enabled UI component library that
is automatically optimized for RealWear devices, with full developer customizability.

Voice Command Engine

JourneyApps automatically makes UIs voice-controllable, with a stellar user experience. Voice commands are automatically created for dynamic data-driven UI such as tables and dropdowns.

App users can quickly and easily work with large data sets using voice, including support for searching, filtering and pagination.

Integrates with Everything

Apps can easily integrate with any other systems: Integration logic is scripted using JavaScript or TypeScript and securely runs in our CloudCode engine.

Pre-built integration connectors for major enterprise systems are also available.

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Auto-Sync Data: Apps Work When Users Are Offline

JourneyApps applications are offline-first by default with zero configuration required.

Our patented PowerSync engine provides automatic two-day data sync between the cloud and user devices. Different app users can even co-edit the same database records from different devices, even while offline.

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Connects to Industrial Systems and Devices

Supports built-in data streaming from industrial systems such as historians and IIoT platforms: Give users access to real-time equipment intelligence on their RealWear devices.

Built-in support for working with a variety of smart hardware peripherals, including Bluetooth devices and laser barcode scanners.

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Easy & Quick Hand-Off Between Different Devices

Any application built on JourneyApps also works on phones, tablets and computers. Therefore, users can switch between using a RealWear device and other devices at any time.

Our PowerSync system automatically keeps the data in sync between devices.

"JourneyApps has created a simple and elegant solution
that will help developers rapidly create new apps
for our RealWear assisted reality devices."

Chris Parkinson
CTO at RealWear

OXIDE: The Secret Sauce for Rapid Development

OXIDE is the web IDE for the JourneyApps platform, enabling rapid customization of UI, data models
and business logic (with access to code). OXIDE enables you to create tailored RealWear apps at
a fraction of the cost and time of conventional software development approaches.

JourneyApps is a Turnkey Full-Stack App Platform


Extensive UI library and Voice Command Engine

Apps work offline with selected data stored locally


Data integrity assured with auto data sync and audit trails


Cloud database with automatically created REST API

Serverless tasks built and run through CloudCode

Transform Your Operations with Powerful RealWear Workflow Apps

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