What's New in JourneyApps: October 2020

It’s been an exciting time at JourneyApps — last month, we launched OXIDE, our next-generation web IDE. Here are some of our latest updates:

TypeScript Preview Now Available!


We’re excited to announce that developers can now get access to a preview version of TypeScript support for their apps. As you probably know, TypeScript is a statically-typed version of JavaScript developed by Microsoft.

TypeScript allows you to be more productive when building apps, specifically:

  1. You can import and export TypeScript modules, allowing you to share code between views, and write code that is more maintainable.
  2. You can include NPM packages in your app. This gives you access to a myriad of open-source libraries, giving you even more leverage to build sophisticated apps.
  3. Error-checking is even more robust and thorough, which means you can prevent and fix issues before your users encounter them.
  4. Autocomplete is also more comprehensive, saving you many keystrokes during development.
  5. With TypeScript, you can benefit from features such as classes, const, let, arrow functions, and more.
  6. Debugging is improved further. You can insert breakpoints to check for bugs in complex logic.

Please let us know if you’d like to use TypeScript in your app, and we will let you know how to set it up!

New Release Notes Portal


We have launched whatsnew.journeyapps.com to streamline release notes for new versions of CloudCode, the Container and Runtime. Older release notes will continue to be accessible on the documentation site.

Check it out and subscribe to updates!

New Developer Community


The JourneyApps Developers private Stack Overflow community has been migrated to a new open developer community, devs.journeyapps.com. Our new community site promotes discussion, allows for replies via email, is easily searchable, and does not have restricted viewing access like the private Stack Overflow community.

All existing questions and answers that were posted on the Stack Overflow community have been migrated to the new developer community.

If you are a JourneyApps customer and would like to create a profile on our Developer Community, please get in touch.

Refer Someone to OXIDE and Get an iPad Pro!


We want as many developers as possible to get to know OXIDE.

So, if you refer someone to try out OXIDE, and they become a paying JourneyApps customer, we will reward you with a brand new Apple iPad Pro! (valued at $799. Terms & conditions apply).

If you are an existing JourneyApps customer, you can refer someone by clicking “Refer OXIDE” in the top right corner of OXIDE.

If you don’t yet have access to OXIDE, hit up “Try For Free” on the JourneyApps website to get a 14-day free trial.

That’s it for now. I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

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