What's New in JourneyApps: October 2019

We have some Halloween treats for you – new features in JourneyApps for October!


View IIoT data in apps

As more of our customers deploy IIoT systems, it’s becoming increasingly important to put real-time asset telemetry data in the hands of field workers. JourneyApps has two new capabilities related to IIoT:

  1. The JourneyApps Container now supports the retrieval of data via the MQTT protocol, one of the most widely used protocols for retrieving sensor data from IoT devices.
  2. Power BI real-time streaming dashboards can now be embedded in apps, providing developers another way to embed IoT sensor data into apps.

The outcome is that you can now give workers in the field greater visibility into the assets that they are responsible for, by putting actionable IIoT data at their fingertips.


Introducing our first nested UI components

We have substantially increased the flexibility of building UI in JourneyApps by implementing support for nested UI components. We are announcing two today — with more on the way:

Dialogs are open and extensible

While previously only text and buttons could be placed inside dialogs, they have now been opened up to contain virtually any of the JourneyApps UI components. Developers can really get creative with what they put into dialogs to give their users the best possible user experience.

Columns are more dynamic

Since many of our customers use our apps on desktop and tablets, we have made further strides with expanding our UI capabilities for larger screen real estate. Whereas previously apps could only have two columns, we have added the ability to use an unlimited amount of columns, as well as nesting columns within other columns. The outcome is that developers have more control over the layout of app screens, allowing more data to be displayed on a screen, while remaining very intuitive to use.


Your app, your font

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity is important, especially for customer-facing apps. Therefore, we have introduced the ability for developers to specify a custom font for their apps. Any font that is already installed on the user’s PC, tablet or mobile device can be specified.


Performance updates for Windows and Android

Apps got a performance boost on Windows and Android platforms:

  • On Windows, we have improved the speed of data queries. The effect of the improvement is most noticeable on components that interact with large datasets such as tables, or nested type-ahead components within tables.
  • On Android, the initial app launch loading time has been reduced by over 70%.


The countdown begins to the launch of our new IDE

We are incredibly excited to share our new IDE with you soon — slated to be launched in January. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for a sneak peek of some of the major features!

That’s it for now! We’re incredibly thankful for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our next update with you soon.


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