What's New in JourneyApps: November 2022

Here are some of our latest updates on new features and improvements to JourneyApps:


You Can Now Use Azure Repos for Source Control (Beta)

We’ve released the ability to use Azure Repos as your source control provider in JourneyApps. Once it is set up, you can use Azure Repos to manage pull requests and more while developing in OXIDE. We’ve also added an “Integrations” interface in the Admin Portal to manage your integrations with Azure Repos and GitHub. Finally, apps can easily be converted from GitHub to Azure Repos (and vice versa).


Custom Web Favicons

You can now specify a custom favicon for web containers. In addition to container-level custom favicons, you can also specify app-level custom favicons. This allows you to conform to branding guidelines more easily. See the documentation for more details.


Introducing Arabic Support

We have introduced support for Arabic in the JourneyApps runtime. Along with support for displaying components and text from right-to-left, this release also opens up many more styling options, including alignment and position of text, icons and more, for all UI components.

Preview: Get Advanced Observability and Dedicated Compute with our new Single Tenancy Backend Environments

We are excited to announce an upcoming premium feature where customers can have isolated, single-tenancy backend environments.

With single tenancy, customers will have access to scalable dedicated computing with API rate limits removed, control over data encryption keys, and new observability tools.

Please reach out to hello@journeyapps.com if you are interested.

That is it for now! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

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