What's New in JourneyApps: May 2021

I am excited to share some of the latest features we have shipped on JourneyApps!

Rapid Multiple Photo Capture


We’ve updated the photo capture component to allow users to take multiple photos with a single click. This will save precious time for users in the field!

Developers also have the ability to control the number of photos that can be taken in a row, as well as the aspect ratio and image quality. Multiple photo capture is available in version 4.80 of the runtime in combination with version 21.3.2 of the JourneyApps Container.

View the documentation here.

CloudCode Logs Full-text Searching


You asked and we listened! Developers can now search through CloudCode task invocation logs. The feature is a full-text search on the contents of the logs and includes filters for log levels, date ranges, deployments, and specific tasks.

The feature works the same as the advanced search functionality in OXIDE, with the ability to do exact match searching, as well as Regex searches. In addition, the search can be pinned to a workspace if you are frequently searching through the logs. We’re very excited about the time that this will save developers debugging CloudCode tasks.

Trigger Text-Input Dialogs From JS / TS


We have introduced the ability to trigger a dialog with a text-input from the JavaScript / TypeScript using journey.dialog.input({...}).

Implementing simple dialogs from JS/TS will save developers time and allow them to trigger these dialogs quickly and easily on button presses, or when interacting with a table or other UI components.

This feature is available in version 4.81 (currently in Beta) of the runtime.

We’ve Updated The Barcode Scanner Component


Developers can now customize more aspects of the barcode scanner component. This includes the alignment of content, showing custom icons in the button that triggers the scanner, the button style, as well as custom helper text when the scanner is opened.

Furthermore, on devices that don’t support barcode scanning, a dialog with a text-input is displayed for manual entry (and this manual entry capability can be disabled by developers). These updates are available in version 4.81 (currently in Beta) of the runtime.

Automatically Place The Cursor In A Specific Component With The New Focus() Component Method


We’re introducing the ability for developers to place the cursor in a specific text-input component in the view using the new .focus() component method.

This new method allows developers to build apps with better usability, limiting the amount of clicks for users when navigating between different views. For example, when navigating to a new view, the cursor can be focused on a specific input component so that the user can immediately start typing without any additional taps or clicks.

Here’s the example usage for a specific text-input: component.textInput({id: 'my_input'}).focus()

Available in version 4.81 (currently in Beta) of the runtime.

Developers Can Now Discard Changes To Individual Files In OXIDE


Developers can now discard uncommitted changes they’ve made to individual files in OXIDE from the Changes panel. This will make the task of committing only the necessary changes to Git easier and faster.

Free JourneyApps Training Available On Udemy


To further help our customers succeed, we recently launched a comprehensive online training course on Udemy. Here you can learn the fundamentals and advanced topics of developing on JourneyApps. It is free to enroll, so give it a go!

All three courses can be found here.

We’ve Updated The ERD In OXIDE To Make It More Intuitive


Finally, included in the OXIDE updates is the ability to list relationships with names below the fields in the models, the ability to select models, and zoom to show the selected models as well as horizontal and vertical display modes, amongst other features.

This will make developers more productive when working with complicated data models using our ERD.

That is it for now! I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

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