What's New in JourneyApps: June 2021

We’re excited to announce new features in OXIDE that make working with git a breeze! It includes the ability to pull in changes on a branch, merge branches, deal with conflicts using new UI, and also the ability to create git apps without GitHub using JourneyApps git.

Resolve Merge Conflicts In OXIDE


When you pull changes or merge a branch into your own, you may end up with a merge conflict. OXIDE now detects such conflicts automatically and goes into a merge conflict mode so that you can quickly resolve all the conflicts in your app. You can also co-edit the conflicts live with a colleague, making it that much easier to resolve them together.

Pull The Latest Changes On Your Git Branch


OXIDE now shows a Pull Changes button when there are new commits ahead of your draft that you can pull. This makes it faster for developers to develop on the same branch together and ensure that you are developing against the latest code all the time.

Merge Branches In OXIDE


We’ve added a new OXIDE action to merge branches from within the IDE. You select the source and destination branches, and that’s it! If there are conflicts, the UI will guide you to resolve them quickly.

Introducing New App Version Control Modes


Developers can now create apps that use a git repository managed by JourneyApps. This allows developers to use a git workflow with branching, commits, and merging in OXIDE, without requiring GitHub.

Furthermore, developers can also create revisions apps that link back to a GitHub repository. This is useful when developers wish to keep all app source code in GitHub and prefer to have a simplified developer workflow in OXIDE.

New: Partial Commits


Developers can now select which changed files to commit in OXIDE. Changes not committed are automatically added to a new draft. This feature helps developers make cleaner and clearer commits, resulting in a more maintainable codebase over time.

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That is it for now, I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

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