What's New in JourneyApps: July 2022

The last few months have been very exciting for us at JourneyApps. In June RealWear announced JourneyApps as their preferred development platform for a broad range of application types - a testament to the hard work that we have put into updating the Platform to be the best on the market for RealWear apps. We have also launched some template apps for RealWear (more on that below) and launched many new features on the platform - here are some of the highlights:


A New Grid Component for More Flexible View Layouts

The new grid UI component gives developers more control over the layout of UI components in a view. This is useful when there is a need to customize the width of UI components respective to other components on the view (where previously columns kept each component’s width equal). grid could also be used to compile components in a way that is similar to the layout of icons on a phone’s home screen. Another use case is to keep more content visible on the screen, where previously column content overflowed and became scrollable.

grid includes the following functionality:

  • A basic grid layout component with a specified maximum number of columns.
  • A grid contains a number of cells that can span multiple columns or rows.
  • The row height is equal to the height of the largest component inside the specific row.
  • You have the option to wrap columns on smaller screens or enable scrolling.
  • Content is aligned to the top of cells.

grid is available since version 4.85.0 (currently in RC) of the JourneyApps Runtime. Read more about it here.


Check Out Our New Developer Documentation Site

We have updated our developer docs site! It includes various visual updates and is quicker and more intuitive to use during development. You can visit it at docs.journeyapps.com.

Here are some notable updates:

  • The docs have a new look and are faster to use throughout.
  • Navigation is improved with a single sidebar navigation menu which is more compact.
  • We have changed the structure of the docs site to make it faster to get to the docs you’re looking for.
  • Some docs can be accessed from multiple places in the sidebar, making topics more discoverable.


Define Sync Rules And Data ACLs In A Single File With Data Rules

Data rules are a combination of sync rules and Access Control Lists (ACLs), specified in a single XML document. Specifically, data rules allow you to specify not only which data is synced to devices (as sync rules currently do), but it also allows you to define granular read and write permissions on individual data buckets and models. Data rules, therefore, provide you more control over what data users have access to and make apps more secure by default.

Data rules are available in the latest version of OXIDE. Read more about data rules here.


Access Accelerometer Device Data From JS/TS

Developers can now access accelerometer, orientation, and compass data from iOS and Android devices. This sensor data allows developers to customize their app UI or logic based on factors such as the acceleration, angle, or direction of users’ mobile devices.

This feature is available since version 4.85.0 (currently in RC) of the JourneyApps Runtime. Read more about it here.


Introduction of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Support

Our new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support allows users to scan for and connect to nearby BLE devices in real-time. This opens up use cases where the app needs data from connected BLE hardware or sensors. BLE support is currently only available on our Enterprise Plan.

BLE support is available since version 4.84.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime and its documentation is available here.


Our Remote Assist Phonebook App for RealWear

We recently launched the RealWear Connect app in partnership with RealWear. This off-the-shelf application was built to address a specific challenge that we kept hearing about from customers: providing an easy way for RealWear users to connect with remote experts on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Combining the RealWear Connect app with existing remote collaboration apps drastically reduces the time and difficulty of reaching an expert. See this in action by watching the video below:

That is it for this update. Keep an eye out for more updates soon!

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