What's New in JourneyApps: August 2021

It has been an exciting couple of months at JourneyApps: We announced our new partnership with RealWear and we have shipped some great new features. Here are some features coming to OXIDE today:

View the Source Code For a Previous Commit or Revision


With a simple right-click on the history panel, you can now quickly view the source code for a previous commit, deploy, or revision. This helps save you time when there is an issue in production and you quickly want to inspect the code that has been deployed there.

When you view the previous source code, OXIDE goes into read-only mode, disallowing any changes to the app. Once you are done troubleshooting, you can then easily go back to your latest draft with just a single click.

Use Deployment-based Environment Variables in CloudCode


You can now manage environment variables and secrets within one place from the Deployments tab. These variables are no longer stored within your app’s source code and follow coding and security best practices. You can access these variables using process.env.VARIABLE_NAME from within CloudCode tasks.

Upgrade your CloudCode task to version 1.11.1 to access this feature.

Manage Deployment-based CloudCode Task Schedules


We’re excited to announce that you can now create deployment-based schedules that can be shared between CloudCode tasks. This means that you can run the same task on different schedules in different deployment environments, e.g. “run this every 5 minutes in Production, but every 3 hours in Staging”. This makes it easier to manage and update schedules if they are shared by separate CloudCode tasks.

To set up a deployment-based schedule, go to a deployment’s settings and follow the steps under “CloudCode Schedules” to set a schedule for that deployment. You can add multiple schedules per deployment corresponding either to specific CloudCode tasks or to specific schedule groups. Thereafter you can link a CloudCode task to a deployment-based schedule under the task’s settings.

View and Manage CloudCode Task Queues


You can now easily view and manage CloudCode task queues. You can review the queue depth and clear queues for tasks or deployments individually, or in bulk. This is available by accessing CloudCode task settings or Deployment settings. This new feature helps in cases where tasks are misbehaving or if you are deploying changes into production, and you wish to purge or clear the queue for a specific task or deployment.

Pause CloudCode Tasks


Related to viewing and clearing CloudCode queues is the new ability to pause the execution of the tasks themselves, preventing new task invocations from being run. This will help in the situation where you want to prevent a specific task or group of tasks from executing, either to help debug an issue or as part of a deployment process. It is also possible to pause and unpause tasks in bulk, either for all tasks within a specific deployment (e.g. “pause all tasks in production”) or pausing a single task across multiple deployments (e.g. “pause my web-api task across all deployments”).

Check Out Our Blog

Lastly, I wanted to turn your attention to our blog, where we have been publishing some great thought-leading articles. There you will find articles about our new RealWear partnership, wearables in the industrial sector, comparisons between wearable devices, and overall investigations into digital transformation. I urge you to check it out here.

That is it for this update, look out for more updates soon.

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