FAQs for RealWear Users

What coding knowledge is necessary to create an app? Do I need prior experience?

Apps can be created with visual editing or by coding in JavaScript or TypeScript. Prior experience in software development is recommended but not necessarily required.

What’s the average time to create an app?

This depends on what you want your app to do. Really simple apps can be deployed the same day, more complex apps could take a few weeks.

Is it possible to see example custom apps?

Yes, get in touch with us to set up a demo for the use case you’re interested in.

Do the apps only work on RealWear devices?

Apps built on JourneyApps will work as voice-enabled RealWear apps as well run on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Who owns the code for the custom app and where can I find the terms of service?

Our customers always own the code for apps they build on our platform. Our full terms of service can be found here.

If I am stuck, who do I contact for support and what are the hours/response time?

During a free trial, you’ll have continuous access to our customer success team through a chat window on our web-based IDE. You can also visit our developer community to ask and answer technical questions.

Support SLAs depend on the subscription plan purchased, more information on that can be found here.

What is the cost?

Subscription Plan licenses are based on users of the apps you build, see our plans and pricing page for more details.

I have other questions!

Great! An extended FAQ is available at the bottom of our plans and pricing page or you can contact us directly with your questions.

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