Building Capacity for IT Innovation

“I think of our IT group as a warship. We have a lot of power, a lot of resources, and a lot of people, and we go in a straight line pretty darn well. But we don’t turn very quickly and we don’t make a lot of quick decisions.”

That’s an observation by the Vice President of IT at one of JourneyApps’ Fortune 500 customers. Sound familiar?

He was talking about a problem many IT managers face: Being technologically agile in the digital age when enterprises only have capacity for about 20% of the mobile app development demand from the business (according to research by Gartner).

You need a steady stream of superior digital solutions to meet business demands, and you need them now. Hiring your way out of the problem is not an option — recruiting an army of developers will be too difficult, take too long, and the costs will be enormous. And that’s not even talking about the technological challenges of rallying them to deliver software at scale. Instead, through the right mix of technology platforms and delivery partners, IT can stem the tide of drowning in software development demand.

The JourneyApps platform and solution delivery services is the perfect solution for IT groups to quickly solve priority issues, balance the demands of maintenance and innovation, and help their organizations become technology leaders in their industry.

Here are some of the ways JourneyApps accomplishes that:


Maximizing Agility and Welcoming Change

Smart CIOs know that the agility of their digital transformation is the key to its success. Building apps quickly is not good enough. Instead, a platform and development process that embrace change and feedback loops are key. The fungibility of your digital systems — their ability to keep evolving — is what will determine whether they succeed in meeting evolving business needs. Want to learn more? Read “The 5 Unique Features that make JourneyApps the Most Agile Platform on the Market”.


Embracing, Not Eschewing, Integration

Developing custom integrations is mostly something that IT avoids whenever possible, due to the risks and high costs involved. Unfortunately, many of the software demands from the business require some form of integration. Fortunately however, with tooling like the Serverless Integration System in JourneyApps, integration no longer has to be a high risk and high cost endeavor.


Security Models: From Many to One

Security risk is at the top of every IT leader’s mind. The thought of the proliferation of hundreds of new custom pieces of software across the organization is usually enough to give an IT leader sleepless nights. This is why it’s important to choose a platform that decreases the burden on your security controls rather than increasing it. Every solution built on JourneyApps is secure by design, using the same single security model in our vertically integrated full stack, and incorporating a series of sophisticated world-class security features (evidenced by our SOC 2 security reports, and regular penetration tests and vulnerability assessments with NCC Group). This allows IT to implement and iterate solutions without compromising security and without creating a huge security liability.

Attacking the Problem of User Adoption Head-on

A solution’s effectiveness and value depend on successful user adoption — even the best software solution that does not get adopted, is worth nothing. JourneyApps provides tooling to help organizations ensure that solutions get adopted without adding more of a burden to IT. For example, the reporting and dashboards in JourneyApps provides insights on app status and user adoption out of the box — allowing you to track usage immediately following go-live, perform aggregate tracking of user uptake in the weeks following deployment, and monitor ongoing tracking of monthly active users and KPIs for each application.


Freeing up Capacity to Innovate

What could you accomplish if you had the time to stop and think?

You don’t have to choose between maintaining current systems and implementing innovative new solutions. JourneyApps’ rapid deployment, proven security, and infinite scalability give you the speed and flexibility to do both.

Many JourneyApps customers have developed groundbreaking solutions with the newfound freedom and capacity our Platform helped create.

We’d love to share some success stories — and help you create your own.

Ready to get ahead in the digital age? Get in touch to get access to JourneyApps.

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