Enhance Mobile Security without Coding – Our Partnership with Blue Cedar

JourneyApps is a cloud-based rapid app development platform that makes it faster, easier and more fun for anyone to build, deploy and run powerful, industrial-grade business apps. In particular, companies rely on JourneyApps to create hands-free, RealWear® workflow apps for the frontline workforce. This includes mobile apps to help with inspections, condition assessments, operator rounds, asset and work order management, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and more.

These apps are continuously collecting and accessing data that would be classified as sensitive. Security is therefore a key consideration for our customers.

JourneyApps provides very strong security mechanisms in our platform. That being said, our customers may be interested in benefiting from additional security layers in their deployed applications. That is why JourneyApps has formed a new partnership with Blue Cedar.

Blue Cedar is a cloud-native solution that makes it incredibly easy for companies to fortify the defenses of their mobile apps.

  • App Security. Blue Cedar provides app security technologies, including mobile RASP (runtime application self-protection), device-independent mobile data protection, and zero-trust remote access.

  • No-Code Security Integration. Blue Cedar also provides a unique Enhance service that automates the integration of app security into any mobile app, regardless of the mobile app development frameworks and programming languages used to create the app. The Enhance service can be configured to integrate Blue Cedar’s app security, as well as security from other vendors, such as BlackBerry and Microsoft, into a mobile app, without requiring a developer to write a single line of code. This means Blue Cedar can be used to add additional security layers to any mobile apps created on the JourneyApps platform.

  • DevSecOps. The Enhance service is one of many DevSecOps services provided by Blue Cedar to streamline the last mile of mobile app deployments. Other services supported by Blue Cedar include importing apps from CI/CD pipelines, code signing apps, and pushing apps to distribution channels such as enterprise app catalogs. These DevSecOps services can be used with Blue Cedar’s workflow builder to orchestrate the unique app release activities required for mobile apps.

Try Blue Cedar For Free

Companies using the JourneyApps platform can use all features of Blue Cedar for no charge for deploying unlimited non-production mobile apps. Sign up at www.bluecedar.com/sign-up to experience how easy Blue Cedar makes it to add your choice of security to the mobile apps created on the JourneyApps platform, as well as complete the last steps required to get the secured apps to end users. No setup is needed as Blue Cedar is cloud delivered — you’ll only need an email to get started.

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