Platform Developer

Stellenbosch, South Africa

We’re looking for competent full-stack developers to join our team building the JourneyApps Platform. Candidates applying for these positions can be more focused on backend & infrastructure, but should have some experience in frontend development. All of the developers on our team are comfortable with learning new technologies, and tackling challenging and interesting technical problems (such as efficient two-way synchronization of large datasets between mobile devices and the cloud). We pride ourselves on having a small team of world-class developers, so a successful candidate can look forward to learning from the best.

Our technology stack consists of Rails on the backend running on Phusion Passenger (load-balanced application servers using HAProxy) on Linux, connecting to a cluster of MongoDB replica sets, mostly hosted on AWS (using a plethora of AWS services). Our mobile runtimes are hybrid apps built on Ionic. Our web frontends are written in AngularJS (our App Editor also uses CodeMirror and its version control is built on top of Git).

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