How we’ve helped our customers transform their field operations

More than 100 customers across six continents are leveraging the JourneyApps product-service hybrid to successfully deliver mobile solutions that fit unique business processes, across industries such as industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, energy, construction and high technology.

Below, you can learn more from featured customer success stories.

Emerson is leveraging our product-service hybrid as their go-to approach for custom mobile apps.

“JourneyApps acted as subject matter experts when it came to the development of apps, and guided us in the right direction, drawing on their knowledge and experience from building solutions for many other customers. We’re looking for a partner that actually plays that partnership role – that can start making recommendations to us – not just a vendor who sits back and asks us what we want.”

Tony Norris

VP Lifecycle Services, Emerson

Sandvik shone a light on customer drilling operations with a custom mobile app used across multiple mining sites - rolled out in
8 weeks.

  • Sandvik needed a custom mobile solution to conduct complex product tracking processes
  • Often used underground, Sandvik required sophisticated offline data-sync capabilities
  • JourneyApps took Sandvik from no system to an app used in production, on site in only 8 weeks

With JourneyApps, Applied Materials could bolt on an integrated, custom mobile app to their overhauled SAP systems, in only 8 weeks.

After launching a major ERP system initiative, Applied Materials required a mobile solution to allow job scheduling for field technicians, in a rapid timeframe. Typically, developing such a solution within an ERP system would be slow and complicated due to complexity and governance requirements. JourneyApps could deliver a much more flexible solution much faster, that complements and integrates with their SAP ERP system. The solution was rolled out globally to thousands of users.

  • Applied Materials implemented a new initiative in their core ERP systems.
  • A mobile solution was needed for field technicians to schedule field service jobs.
  • JourneyApps could deliver an integrated mobile solution that complemented their core systems, in 8 weeks.

BrightBlack rolled out a custom end-to-end solution to conduct multiple processes, from sales to installations, with JourneyApps.

“With vertically integrated products you almost have to change the way your business operates. With JourneyApps, it’s the other way around. The system adapts to our strategy as we, as a company, go forward.”

Wessel Wessels

CEO, BrightBlack Energy

Aviat Networks reduced the time to complete site surveys by 66% with a JourneyApps solution delivered in only 2 weeks.

After the success of the initial solution, JourneyApps has become a strategic partner to Aviat Networks. Realizing the value of the JourneyApps product-service hybrid, Aviat Networks has since engaged JourneyApps to provide mobile solutions for various business units, and for processes including path surveys, installation checklists and preventative maintenance processes.

  • Aviat Networks wished to streamline the manual process for site surveys involving handheld cameras, spreadsheets and note-taking
  • They chose to leverage the strategic value of the JourneyApps product-service hybrid
  • After a 66% improvement in site survey process, Aviat has chosen JourneyApps to deliver 4 more custom mobile apps

SKIDATA's global sales teams now have a standardized way to generate service agreements, in 4 different languages – thanks to JourneyApps.

SKIDATA required a tool to allow field sales representatives to calculate complex service costs and generate custom service agreements in a standardized way. JourneyApps delivered a solution now used in several countries, in 4 different languages.

Embarking on a major field service process overhaul, SKIDATA realized that a tool was missing that would make the picture complete: a standard way to easily generate custom service agreements based on customer installed base data. SKIDATA leveraged the JourneyApps Platform’s ability to run complex business logic along with an experienced Solutions Team to create a scalable tool that could be deployed to multiple regions with minimal effort.

  • SKIDATA required a tool to allow field sales representatives to calculate complex service costs in a standardized way
  • This custom need could not be fulfilled by their existing Field Service management system
  • Instead of struggling with MS Excel and Word templates, salespeople can now generate contracts in a matter of a few clicks

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